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Statistically speaking, more women than men experience alopecia, though at Top Scalp we have treated both men and women with the condition. Two types of alopecia affect the scalp. Alopecia totalis is the loss of hair all over the head.  Alopecia Universalis, as the name implies results in hair loss all over the head, face and body. The condition is distressing and the duration a client might have it is unknown. It can come on at any time and reverse without warning. Science has yet to discover its cause, making treatment options impossible—at least, until SMP was developed.

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Of course, an alopecia client’s skin is different in texture and sensitivity.  An SMP treatment to address this condition should only be trusted to experienced and knowledgeable technicians.  Artists must have a thorough understanding of the structure of the scalp skin, which is thicker than anywhere else on the body, and also more complex. Our artists design a hairline that is most complementary for the client’s facial features and bone structure. Over several sessions, we meticulously tattoo individual hair follicles all over the scalp, letting the skin fully heal between sessions. This is done to respect the skin, but also to build the most realistic finish, as a look that is too uniform does not look natural. 



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